A Think Piece: Photo Editing

I want to address something. Something (sort of) serious.

Whether it’s FaceTune, Perfect 365 or Camera Plus I am not afraid to say that I am an avid photo editor. Avid doesn’t even begin to accurately describe my photo editing skills. Magazines should hire me for the kind of art I’m creating over on my Instagram, @claudwithnojob.

But I feel like there is a negative connotation around doing so. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve definitely called out a celebrity or two for overly editing their photos but I am here to say I was wrong. WHO FUCKING CARES?

I am not editing my photos for you. It is for me. It makes me feel good to live in a pretend world where my skin is clear as fuck and my legs are long.

The internet has been real good to me. And I want to give back to the Internet with beautiful unrealistic selfies. IS THAT OK?

For example, over the weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a childhood hero of mine, JoJo. My sister (whom I adore) had the foresight to snap a few photos of me while I professed my love to JoJo. See below.


OK so I am confident. But not that confident. Look at my fucking chin! So I took matters into my own hands.


Abracadabra, bitch. The chins are gone! Do I fucking care that I don’t really look like that? No! I scroll my own Instagram page minimum three times a day, so why should I suffer through this ugly photo? I shouldn’t.

Please let this be a message to young girls everywhere. Edit your fucking photos as much or as little as you want and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

  1. Ana K February 14, 2017 at 12:23 am

    Lol, i’m going to edit til I dieeee!

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