An Emotional Think Piece

So last night, Nick Viall – two time Bachelorette runner up – was crowned the next Bachelor. I recorded, in real time, my reaction to finding out that this misogynist was going to be taking over my Monday nights.

The anger and the betrayal I feel is very real. I have dedicated countless hours of my life watching, recapping and becoming emotionally invested in a TV show that obviously doesn’t care about me at all.

I see past all the bullshit of The Bachelor. I see past the biased edits and the fame hungry contestants. I focus on the Kaitlyn and Shawns of the franchise. The people who are THERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

Nick Viall is an affront to everything I believe in. He should have never been allowed back after he completely embarrassed Andi on live television, interrogating her as to why she had sex with him. Then we had to deal with him again on Kaitlyn’s season which was just downright cruel.

We have all been subjected to 3 seasons of Nick Viall and quite frankly I am OVER IT. Let someone else have a chance at finding love, it’s clearly not working for him!

I did find it quite odd that this season of Bachelor in Paradise was particularly kind to Nick Viall. I even found myself taking his side in Josh vs. Nick re: Amanda. Now I know why. He was getting the “Bachelor Treatment” and it was working. I fell into the spells of Elan Gale and Mike Fleiss.

If you care about this even half as much as I do, and you too don’t want to not watch next season, then sign this petition. We can make a difference and we will: