Bach Recap: 03 Part 1

Part 1 of 2 [unnecessary] episodes of The Bachelorette aired last night and the men were all talk and very little action. It was the Chad show, as usual, and all the hot head men played right into it!

Here are some of last night’s most memorable moments:

1-on-1 with Chase: The Bachelor team is getting really really good at planning these dates. This weird yoga sex class was hot AF! In the beginning, the instructor had to chill the fuck out. She was making me uncomfortable and I wasn’t even there! But at the end, I was getting into it! Even I wanted to kiss JoJo when she straddled Chase.

Daniel & Chad working out at the house: They should just call it quits now and go home together. They’re perfect for one another!

Sidenote: How is Ali still around? His eyebrows are reason enough to send him home!

Group Date:

The performer having an orgasm: OMG. STOP. NO. NO. MAKE IT STOP!

All these guys are “soooo brave” you know? Half were in the military and the other half are on steroids. But they’re all running scared of Chad, sitting in circles gossiping about him. So manly!

And then! Of all the big macho men in the house to finally stand up to Chad — Evan? LOL. Too good, too good.

Chad’s Performance: I swear to God, he was definitely drunk. Like who in their right mind would intentionally embarrass themselves like that? I actually felt bad for him. But when JoJo turned her cheek, my day was made. I knew I liked her. Lauren B. would’ve never done that!

The end of the episode was actually anti-climactic and a part 2 is definitely unnecessary. I guess we’ll just see what happens tomorrow…