Bach Recap: Men Tell All

Last night’s Men Tell All was actually super eye opening and kind of brought the entire season home for me. I legitimately didn’t remember half of the guys on that stage but I was excited to see some of my favorites back together again. The downside was that we had to see Alex again. I thought we were rid of him long ago!

Here’s the recap:

Derek vs. The merden (Alex, Jordan, Robby, Chase):
– ReassuranceGate. I CAN’T WITH THIS! The word reassurance became such a hot topic for no reason other than the fact that Alex is a professional shit starter. Who fucking cares?
– Derek handled himself very well while arguing with multiple dudes! But Nick B coming out of nowhere and standing up for Derek was a wonderful surprise! Him calling Alex out for having a Napoleon Complex was a highlight for me.
– Wells was the group therapist who actually made some interesting points about Alex – “He feels comfortable in conflict” – WOW SO INSIGHTFUL!

The Return Of Chad:
– Chad claims that he felt like he was the only honest guy in the house and I couldn’t agree more. He was actually v intuitive.
– A personal favorite moment of mine is Chad calling all the guys out – by name – who want to work in media.
– When arguing with Grant, he referred to him as Derrell which made me LOL.
– Nick B stands up and tries to fight Chad in an extremely awkward and non-heroic way and the best part was Chris Harrison trying to break it up! They’re about to go at each other and Chris is all like “Coming Up!”
– I got so many useful pieces of information from Chad’s short time on the couch.
1. Jordan already has a sportscasting job lined up and his ex-girlfriend said he always wanted to be famous.
2. Robby threatened his ex, Hope, after she started dating Chad.

Evan vs. Chad: 
– Glad that we cleared this up because Evan totally shoved Chad first and he got away with that when the episode ran.

– I hate that we had to relive the greatest hometown date in Bachelorette history just to be brokenhearted by it, again.
– Luke is obviously still not over JoJo. He almost started crying right then and there.
– The audience started cheering every time Luke basically farted. He is totally going to be the next Bachelor.
– When JoJo came out, Luke asked her if he had been more direct, would it have changed anything? Great question! She danced around the question and gave some phony ass answer. Luke deserves more than that. He deserves a girl who respects him. He deserves me. Just kidding – don’t tell BWNJ I said that.
– When Luke concluded his time with JoJo he said two things that struck me.
1. “As long as you’re happy”
2. “Thank you for allowing me to love you”

– Chase looked so good last night.
– Rewatching his final moments with JoJo really moved me. It was hard to see.
– Chase doesn’t regret telling JoJo that he loved her. She taught him to express his feelings and for that he is grateful. WHAT A GOOD GUY! I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Robby or Jordan would never have responded in such a sincere and gentleman-like manner.