Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I’ve been really getting into makeup lately. I realized that if you put a modicum of effort into your appearance – it can really make a difference! Isn’t that amazing?

Here are some products I’m living for recently:

Mac Eyeliner: The felt tip makes it super easy to draw your top line so there’s a CHANCE you won’t end up looking like a raccoon.

Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics: You have a better chance of your crush texting you back than getting your hands on a Kylie Lip Kit. BUT if you do – invest in Candy K. It’s the perfect color.

Anastasia BH Contour Pallete: This contour pallete has changed my life except for one major set back – it doesn’t have a mirror. I mean WTF was Anastasia thinking?!

NYX Contour Stick: This item will give you Kardashian level contour in just a matter of moments. It’s also cheap AF so you’re welcome.