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Coachella Lookbook

Coachella weekend one has been over for almost two weeks and I am just now fully recovered. It was, as Jackie and I called it, treachella between all the walking, heat, lack of food and access to bathrooms that weren’t Porta Pottys. But all in […]

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A Definitive Ranking

I feel like not enough people talk about the fact that only 4 out of the 6 core Kardashian/Jenners were invited to the Met Gala last night. “Maybe they were invited, but just didn’t go!” you say? Who on earth gets invited to the Met […]

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Designer Bags

You can always tell when someone just got their first or a new Celine/Proenza/Balenciaga bag because it’s shoved into the forefront of every picture they take. I’m pretty sure some girls only get the bags just to take pictures of them. I mean, I do […]

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Hold On

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