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Call Me Wifey

Wow. I am literally shooketh to the core. I can’t believe I am MARRIED. I can’t believe I have a HUSBAND. I can’t believe the months of planning are behind me. I have so much free time now, how exciting! I’m so excited to finally […]

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Hoedown Throwdown!

Birthdays are so hard, ’cause there’s always so much anticipation and they usually end up stinking, leaving you with nothing but a big hangover. And choosing how to celebrate is even harder because if you throw a big party and nobody comes, you’re a big loser. […]

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Coachella Lookbook

Coachella weekend one has been over for almost two weeks and I am just now fully recovered. It was, as Jackie and I called it, treachella between all the walking, heat, lack of food and access to bathrooms that weren’t Porta Pottys. But all in […]

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GWNJ x Steve Harvey

I’m glad the world has finally come to recognize me as the genius that I am. Steve Harvey had me on this week to discuss a very important issue, effecting millions of Americans each year: photo editing. Watch the entire segment here: And don’t forget […]

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Your Vote Matters

Hey. For the second year in a row I’ve been nominated for a People’s Choice Award!!! For the second year in a row I am also probably going to lose but this time I want it to be kind of close. I’m fully realistic about […]

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A Think Piece: Photo Editing

I want to address something. Something (sort of) serious. Whether it’s FaceTune, Perfect 365 or Camera Plus I am not afraid to say that I am an avid photo editor. Avid doesn’t even begin to accurately describe my photo editing skills. Magazines should hire me […]

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My Week Away

As previously mentioned, I attended a fat camp for quite sometime – Camp Pocono Trails. The real irony is, I wasn’t fat at all when I was sent away. I was actually very very thin – but my mother sent me to support my tubby […]

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Hold On

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