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GWNJ x Steve Harvey

I’m glad the world has finally come to recognize me as the genius that I am. Steve Harvey had me on this week to discuss a very important issue, effecting millions of Americans each year: photo editing. Watch the entire segment here: And don’t forget […]

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I Can’t Look Away

Everybody’s favorite busboy is back….WITH A MUSIC VIDEO. The rumors our true. DJ James Kennedy has a music video and it looks like it was shot on an iPhone 4. First watch, then let’s make fun of it: – The Rolls Royce they are rolling […]

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A Must Watch!

Tis The Season! One of my favorite YouTubers has finally released her season 8 recap of RHONY. I’ve been watching them for years and they are AMAZING. The season 8 one was certainly not a disappointment. Go back and watch ones from previous seasons. ENJOY!

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The Cat Eye: Keys To Success

As a beauty blogger (lol), one of the things I get asked about the most is winged eyeliner. It’s one of the most difficult skills to master but I’ve put together this really quick and helpful tutorial for you guys. Hope this helps! Lol. If […]

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Funemployed Episode 1

We’ve been talking about this for so long and the day is finally here! So so excited to announce our 6 episode series with Shape Magazine, called Funemployed. Ben and I really hope you love it so let us know what you think in the […]

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I’m Crying

This is actually the cutest story you will read all day. A Louisiana woman was watching her garage security footage and found a young boy sneaking into her garage… hug her dog. The woman put the video on Facebook and the kid’s MOM saw it […]

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Taylor Swift Is An Angel!

Over the weekend Taylor Swift surprised and performed for two of her biggest fans at their wedding! The video is literally one of the cutest things ever. 13400310_228839564167488_618269353_n from sarah bernstein on Vimeo.

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Hold On

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