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Sit Still Look Pretty

So if you know nothing about me and my sisters, there are two things you need to know: We call ourselves The Steens. Don’t bother asking for a meaning or anything because we don’t have one. We are obsessed with making music videos while on […]

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Only On Spirit Airlines…

Internet gold. According to the Daily Mail, two drunk passengers were playing loud music on their “boom box” (DM’s words, not mine). A couple other passengers asked the ladies to turn the music down but were ignored. When the plane landed, a group of women approached […]

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Not only would this only happen in America, but also only in a Walmart. Skip the first minute, the guy filming is having a difficult time finding the aisle the fight is happening in. Lolz! It is hilarious but also so disturbing also cause this kid […]

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VIDEO: Pretending To Work At Whole Foods

This video is so important because it highlights everything that is wrong with not only Whole Foods but also their customers, who will basically buy anything if you tell them it’s organic. WATCH: Notable moments: “If you vote Hilary, you get 3% off” “Upper-middle class approved” “Homosexual […]

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Hold On

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