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A story like this would literally only be on the The Daily Mail. The headline reads: Man, 25, ‘killed 52-year-old grandmother and stole her credit card to buy waffles before returning to have sex with her corpse’ Now at first I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK […]

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¡Viva Mexico!

This is the most amazing thing to ever happen on television – besides this of course. According to the Daily Mail: Patricia Navidad, 42, had been wearing a short blue mini dress while appearing on the morning TV show called Despierta America (Wake Up America). […]

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Surabaya Shit Show

I’ve said it once before but I’ll say it again. Black Fish truly changed me as a human. Ever since then I spend my time trolling websites where me and my cyber-friends plot to rent a school bus and drive to Orlando to #FreeTilly. I’m kinda […]

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Talk About a Boy Toy

TLC can literally do no wrong. I first heard about real-life Barbie and Ken on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, but now Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica are taking the world by storm. These two absolute freaks are from different sides of the world but both happen to […]

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Free Tilly

As previously stated, if the general population really likes one certain thing – I automatically hate it. This is why it has taken me this long to watch Blackfish, the documentary that has apparently taken the world by storm. At 4 a.m last night I […]

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Not So Breaking News: Obama Can’t Spell

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t the leader of the free world have some knowledge in even the most rudimentary form of English? In yet another attempt to be cool, Barack misspells the word RESPECT (ironically) and YouTube commenters everywhere are in arms. You have […]

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