Coachella Lookbook

Coachella weekend one has been over for almost two weeks and I am just now fully recovered. It was, as Jackie and I called it, treachella between all the walking, heat, lack of food and access to bathrooms that weren’t Porta Pottys. But all in all, I survived and made it home in one sweaty piece.

Pre-coachella, I spent hours online looking for the perfect outfits that were both weather appropriate and had a low-risk chub rub factor.

You asked and I delivered. Here is my official Coachella lookbook:

Kimonos ($30)

Bodysuit ($26)

Shorts – similar ($12.90)

Sneakers ($120)

Top ($16)

Eye Jewels ($16)

Earrings ($19.90)

Shorts ($21.05)

Dress ($15)

Belt ($27)

Kimono ($32)

Boots – similar ($82)

Bag ($592)

Shorts – Kyle By Alene Too (sold out)

Top ($7)

Sneakers ($120)

Dress – similar ($23)

Jacket ($84)

Sneakers ($40)