Hoedown Throwdown!

Birthdays are so hard, ’cause there’s always so much anticipation and they usually end up stinking, leaving you with nothing but a big hangover. And choosing how to celebrate is even harder because if you throw a big party and nobody comes, you’re a big loser. But if you don’t do anything – you miss out on an opportunity for lots of presents and – more importantly – attention.

So my dillema this year was whether or not anyone would actually be in the city on a Saturday in the summer. As far as I know people (with real lives) are off galavanting in the Hamptons and Mykonos and don’t have time to put on a pair of cowboy boots and come to my dumb hoedown themed 23rd birthday party.

And that’s another thing – why should I be celebrating the fact that I am an old maid now? 23 is literally the ugliest age you could be.

But alas, I gave into societal pressures and decided to throw a party. Nay, a bash, if you will. My sister Jackie gave me the brilliant idea to do a hoedown theme, which really ignited the fire under my ass. SPiN – the ping pong social bar in Flatiron – generously offered to host the party in their unbelievably cute private room which already had Joanna Gaines/southern vibes with it’s shiplap walls.

I ordered bales of hay which was an unexpectedly hard thing to do in the middle of Manhattan. I literally google searched “rent hay NYC” which led me to the right place. Then, I spent way too much money at Party City, which thankfully still had it’s 4th of July display up. I was slightly nervous my hoedown was going to turn into a 4th of July bash until I realized that those are pretty much the same thing. Please keep in mind that the party was Saturday and I scouted locations, bought decor and a costume all on Friday. I’m amazing…

By the time Saturday night rolled around, pretty much everyone I invited came which made me feel like a really popular 7th grader. It was great. And then, as if the night couldn’t get any better, my homegirl Alexis Waters from The Bachelor came through – squad deep – with none other than THE BIG RACH HERSELF. Yes, the current bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was at my birthday party and I couldn’t get over it. She was so sweet, so cool and so fun. I had never felt cooler in my whole life.

Once the open bar ran out, the steens and I packed up our things, changed our weird outfits and danced the night away at Paul’s Casablanca. It was phenomenal. See below for a ton of photos from the greatest night ever.

P.S: the life lesson here is don’t let the birthday blues take you down. They’re contagious and dangerous.