I Can’t Look Away

Everybody’s favorite busboy is back….WITH A MUSIC VIDEO.

The rumors our true. DJ James Kennedy has a music video and it looks like it was shot on an iPhone 4. First watch, then let’s make fun of it:

– The Rolls Royce they are rolling around in belongs, without question, to Lisa Vanderpump. She must be so proud of her son, Max, who is riding shotgun this atrocity.
– The most interesting/dynamic character in this music video is the bottle of Patron, which James is guzzling like an alcoholic after 27 years of sobriety.
– James’ blazer is about 47 sizes too big
– We get it, James. You smoke cigarettes.
– The blue paint/confetti fiasco: Is this art? Cause I’m not understanding. WTF does looking like a Smurf have anything to do with not looking down?

  1. cait September 15, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    omg ahahahahahahahahahahaha

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