Why You So Obsessed With Me?

Recently, in an attempt to do anything but actually work at work, I’ve been trying new things. And by “trying new things” I mean watching new TV shows. I’ve expanded my horizons to new channels and new characters and I feel like a rejuvenated Ramona Singer.


Here’s a list (obv) of 3 new shows that I am obsessed with:

1. Candidly Nicole: VH1.

It’s no The Simple Life, but it’ll do. Nicole Richie makes her small screen return in the VH1 series Candidly Nicole and it is weirdly addictive. At time hard to watch because I fear that Nicole will pass out from hunger, it’s a must watch if only for Nicole’s one-liners. Such as:

(at the Optometrist) “I’ve been missing out on the entire left side of the world. Do you think it’s because I wore side bangs?”

“Your ethnicity? White as a toilet.”

2. Dating Naked: VH1. Be warned:  VH1 is making a comeback and you heard it here first.

Dating Naked is VH1’s newest dating show where they ship 6 people off to an island, per episode, and set up dates for them to go on – naked. All I can really say about this show is CRINGE. I cringe because the people are naked. I cringe because the dates that VH1 plans for these couples are ridiculous. I cringe for everything.



3. Game of Crowns: Bravo.

Bravo has truly out-done themselves. Game of Crowns is their newest hit show about 6 middle-aged women who compete in “Mrs.” beauty pageants. The premise of the show couldn’t be any sadder – but it is everything. These women are batshit crazy.