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Tuesday, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, was also the holiest day in The Bachelor calendar. The premiere of Lauren Bushnell & Ben Higgins’ new show (brilliantly titled Ben and Lauren) premiered and I can’t lie, it did not disappoint. I give it 4 out 5 of GWNJs. I just made that up. For some perspective, Rob & Chyna got 1 out of 5 GWNJs.

I can’t decide if I only liked the show so much because I got to see what Lauren looks like on TV when she hasn’t been locked up in a mansion with no makeup, food or human contact.

Additionally, I was living for all the JoJo shade. Part of me was like “enough with this troll and her new fiancè who could be gay” but another part of me was like “YAAAAAASSSSSS” to all the shade being thrown at The Worst Bachelorette Of Our Time. I am so glad they called her out on the fact that she literally spoke about Ben her entire season.


The stigma of Lauren and Ben being the most boring couple isn’t completely untrue. They’re definitely boring. The most exciting part of the episode was when we found out Ben made his headboard out of his parents garage (and it didn’t look terrible). But I don’t even care. That is the cutest, most “Friday Night Lights” thing ever.

If I learned anything from the first episode it’s that Ben and Lauren are actually a really cute normal couple who have an abnormally small bathroom in their house. I also learned that Lauren pretty much hates JoJo as much as we all do so that made me feel good.

P.S to those who watched: You know my bitch ass Shazamed that song in the first 2 minutes of their love story montage. It’s “Hold Onto Hope Love” by Amy Stroup.

  1. Cristina October 13, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    I can’t wait to keep watching and see how they actually argue like normal people. Also, when they were about to go on AFR and Lauren was like “This just isn’t my idea of fun” I died. She’s also a lot more insecure than I thought. I was also appreciative of their tiny, normal house with their tiny bathroom that sits off the kitchen? I mean gross but so normal I love it.

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