Will You Accept This Champagne Chalice?

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!

I’m pretty much procrastinating on every single wedding detail except one, and that’s choosing my bridesmaids. It’s really not that hard to do when you have so few friends.

Anyways, last night I invited my sisters and 4 best friends over for a ~* mYsTeRy *~ event. I’m pretty sure 99% of them knew exactly what I was doing but I like to think I pulled the surprise off. I embraced my inner Pinterest bride and decorated my apartment to look like a big vagina. I think I pulled it off:

[URIS id=3271]

And everyone came and laughed and loved and unwrapped:

[URIS id=3283]

And suddenly, one of the tiny votive candles I had placed on the table fell over, engulfing all the wrapping paper, confetti and cardboard into flames. The 9 of us pretty much stood there screaming at one another to do something until my sister Olivia finally had the foresight to get some fucking water.

Champagne was spilling everywhere as we worked tirelessly to put out a fire that just did not want to stop. About 1 minute in, we finally got it out and just stood around staring at each other blankly.

The Pinterest worthy decor I worked so hard to do achieve was full of water and char.

[URIS id=3295]

So it’s safe to say my first Bachelorette event wasn’t exactly traditional, but